Drum Libraries

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Get both MegaMetal and MegaRock Drums VSTi’S TOGETHER AS A BUNDLE for just U$D 40.95 for the rest of May 2017. Probably the best drum deal you will see all year !
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  • Some of the best recorded and edited rock samples in the world today
  • Focused more on playing and less on fiddling
  • Extremely deep especially the more dynamic Megarock
  • True Round Robin for days so even the Mega Metal blasts sound organic
  • 64 Bit only and with Direct from Disk streaming, leadig to optimal CPU and RAM utilization
  • No registry install, just unzip
  • No complicated activation, just a number which will be emailed to you

These will become your go to / toolkit drums very quickly !

MegaRock Drums (U$D 39.95, VSTi, 64 Bit)

262 MB Zipped / 632 MB Unzipped
Details   Screenshots   Demo (No effects used)

 MegaMetal Drums (U$D 29.95, VSTi, 64 Bit)

215 MB Zipped / 547 MB Unzipped
Details   Screenshots   Demo

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