MegaMetal Drums Details


This kit is your one stop to pure metal heaven. Inspired by the sounds of old Slayer, Dark Angel, mid-period Death, classic Morbid Angel and the like, this features none of that modern clickity click fakery. The VSTi plug and plays in any of the major DAWs. Just unzip the archive into your plug-in folder and you are good to go. No complicated installation or unnecessary registry entries !

  • Crisp and extremely tight sound thanks to pristine recording and editing
  • Dynamic sound with round robin for days
  • Comes with basic set of metal MIDI grooves to get you started or you can play on an e-kit (oh the response !)
  • 64 bit VSTi with Direct from Disk Streaming ensuring efficient use of your RAM
  • 16 stereo output channels available. Includes Reaper template !
  • Reverb available when using as stereo out
  • At U$D 29.95 its poundage for pennies !


All the drums were expertly played and recorded by Scott McLean, a muso of musos whose impressive resume speaks for itself. All the drum sample editing and programming was done by Suleiman Ali.


KICK : Ludwig 14″x22″ Kick drum (1968)

SNARE :Ludwig 5″x14″ Jazz Festival Snare drum (1965)

TOM 1 : Ludwig 8″x12″ Tom Tom drum (1969)

TOM 2 : Ludwig 9″x13″ Tom Tom drum (1969)

TOM 3 : Ludwig 14″x14″ Floor Tom drum (1969)

HI HATS : 14″ A Zildjian New Beat Hihats

CRASH 1 : 15″ A Zildjian Thin Crash

CRASH 2 : 17″ A Zildjian Thin Crash

RIDE 1 : 17″ A Zildjian Ride

RIDE 2 : 20″ A Zildjian Ping Ride


The final samples were mixed down to stereo with a modern rock sound. There is NO processing  or effects on the samples so they are harmonically rich and can be coaxed via EQ etc to sound like anything you want.

Overhead mics : AKG C451b (stereo factory matched pair).

Close mics (also called “spot” mics):
Snare: Top head and bottom head: Shure SM57.
Toms: Sennheiser MD 421 II.
Kick: AKG D112.


36   Kick Drum

37   Snare : Side Stick

38   Snare : Tight

39   Snare : Loose

40   Snare : Rimshot

41   Tom 1

42   Hi Hat : Closed

43   Tom 2

44  Hi Hat : Pedal Closed

45   Tom 3

46   Hi Hat : Open

47   Crash 1

48   Crash 2

49   Ride 1

50   Ride 1 Bell

51   Ride 2

52   Ride 2 Bell